5th German Conference for Young Researchers in Private International Law

Welcome to the website of the 5th German Conference for Young Researchers in Private International Law, which will take place on 14 and 15 February 2025 at Heidelberg University and feature Christiane Wendehorst (Universität Wien) as keynote speaker. This year’s topic is


Digital transformation and Private International Law
Local connections in boundless spaces


After statute theory, Savignyan PIL and Europeanisation, digitalisation has the potential to initiate a fourth evolutionary stage in the history of conflict of laws, which is characterised by decentralisation and delocalisation. We may therefore be on the threshold of an IPR 4.0. At our conference, we would like to discuss how the conflict-of-laws problems arising from the boundless spaces of digitalisation can be solved in European and autonomous German, Austrian and Swiss private international law. At the same time, we would like to look at the possibilities for legal changes at national, European and international level.


You can access the Call for Papers hereAdobe.


We are looking forward to numerous contributions and attendees!


The organizing committee


Felix Berner     Andreas Engel     Aron Johanson     Markus Lieberknecht


Sophia Schwemmer     Ann-Kathrin Voß     Charlotte Wendland     Anton Zimmermann

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