Library Information for Guests


A brief use of the library is possible without prior registration. If you wish to use our library’s rooms and stock for longer periods of time, please get in touch with the Institute Secretariat early:

Via mail/phone:
Augustinergasse 9
69117 Heidelberg
T: +49 6221 542200

Via email:

Besides the duration of your intended visit we require a letter of recommendation.

Library Organization

The holdings of the library are organized systemically. They are spread out over a number of rooms due to the structure of the building. This site list (PDF-Version) provides information on the location which groups of book numbers can be found in which room. This floor plan (PDF-Version) helps you finding the rooms. If you have any questions, please refer to library staff. We will be pleased to help you.


The library is publicly accessible. Please consider our opening hours. Da es sich um eine Präsenzbibliothek handelt, ist das Ausleihen von Medien nicht möglich. Kopien können am hauseigenen Kopierer erstellt werden.


Food, drinks and snacks are served at the Triplex Cafeteria located opposite the Institute at University Square.


Since 1990, the library has been itemizing its holdings comprehensively in HEIDI, the online catalogue of the Heidelberg library system. The platform is accessible from every computer without registration.
PC workspaces are available for conducting searches at the Institute. Publications dating earlier than 1990 are also recorded in an alphabetical card catalogue, while a comprehensive systematic card catalogue is provided for theme-related searches.


A photocopier can be found in room 15. Copies can be made cashless by using a Campuscard. Campuscards are given to students as well as to guests. The chip card is available at the Info Centers of the Studierendenwerk (Triplex and Marstall cafeterias) against a bail of 5 Euros. Any amount can be loaded onto the card. The Info Center at the entrance of the Triplex Cafeteria is the nearest, located opposite the Institute at University Square.

Read- and workspaces

The library offers about 20 workspaces spread throughout the complex. There are several seats in the reading hall (room 21).
Guests seeking to work at the Institute for several weeks may have a desk reserved upon registration.

PC Workspaces

For searches in the online catalogue HEIDI, data base and internet research, PC workspaces are provided for you in the library.
Guests visiting for longer periods are equipped with additional PC workspaces. These computers are equipped with text editing software and are connected to printers.


When removing a book or bound journal, a paper dummy must be filled out.
Orange cards are used as dummies, a sufficient stock of which is provided in every library room. Please complete the dummy in a legible manner and place it in the vacant lot left by the removed medium.

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