Stipend information

Currently, five stipends are available (but see below). While the students will be chosen bei the research school, the stipends are administrated by the Graduate Academy of Heidelberg University.
The stipends are distributed according to the rules of the Landesgraduiertenfoerderung of the State of Baden Wuerttemberg.

Amount: 820 EUR / Month (+ family allowance for children)

Travel and other expenses: Up to 1230 EUR (for 3 years)

Employment: Stipend holders are allowed to work as research assistants for up to 40h/month. Other occupations (e.g. in the litigation department of a law firm) can be allowed, if the task is related to the topic of the thesis.

Deduction of earnings: Earnings above the exempt threshold of 7670,- EUR/year will be deducted from the stipend. Important: In the case of married couples, common earnings above 15.340 EUR / year will be deducted.

Duration: The stipend is granted for one year. On recommendation of the supervising professor, the stipend will be prolonged for a second year. In exceptional cases, the stipend can be prolonged for a final third year.

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